About UsWelcome to Kwavulindlebe Mobile Learning Project



Support teachers, students and their parents with inexpensive mobile solutions to give every child the best chance at acquiring knowledge, sharpening skills and improving skills.

More About Us

We proactively pursue partnerships that will serve our school community, extend our knowledge of creative learning solutions, challenge our teachers to commit to excellence, implement practical programs and evaluate impact.

Kwavulindlebe Primary School

The school caters mainly for Deaf learners who have been refused access to other schools due to being too old for the grade in which they should be but do accept learners from Grade R.

Most learners entering KwaVulindlebe for the first time have no prior schooling experience (except for deafened children) and therefore arrive with little or no language (signed or spoken).

There are 6 qualified teachers (3 with specialization in inclusive / special needs education) and 3 Deaf assistants (2 with matric). Two of the Deaf assistants are employed by the KZN Department of EducationE after the principal pushed for the positions to be made government posts.


Our Mission

To teach our learners Skills, Values and Attitude in an conducive for quality learning experiences.


Our Vision

We commit to teach our learners with special educations needs from disadvantaged communities, irrespective of their challenges and age, enabling them to be independent, reliable and self-motivated members of their communities and to do such in a holistic manner by honouring their spiritual, physical, emotional and social developmental needs.


Our Values

Putting God Almighty first and engaging with meaningful partnerships with parents, communities, parents and other stakeholders, we deem everyone equal and deserving of our total commitment to their learning and development.