Lack of ECD learning opportunities for the children before they attend Grade R (equivalent to Grade K) leads to severe language delays, difficult to rectify later, negatively impacting the child’s future.

Need for Space

Our need for SPACE can be paralysing. At the new premises there are still two grades sharing one classroom and in some cases two teachers sharing the classroom and in others one teacher is doing multi-grade teaching.

Professional Support

There is no professional support which would assist in identifying additional difficulties faced by pupils. There are many health issues faced by learners (HIV, growth abnormalities, rape and sodomy, social and family problems etc) and the principal has participated in many short courses to provide trauma counseling, parent support etc. Children who are sick at school have to wait until school is finished to be taken to Prince Mshiyeni hospital as the school bus cannot drive up and down so much (and now its not even possible).Since there is no nurse, the children are not even allowed to be given any standard paracetamol-based subscription-free medicine at school. Consistent access to other professional support services is needed.

Lack of Support

It is disheartening that there is no support from the KZN DoE for SASL training for staff and parents, and also no support for specialized workshops on education of the Deaf specifically. It does not inspire confidence.

Financial Limitations

The financial strains are real and problematic. The School is a fee-paying school and the fees are R100 a year. However, most children do not pay even this small amount. There is no boarding facility and the pupils are brought to school from surrounding areas by the school bus. The bus is, however, not a reliable means of transport as mechanical problems and apathy plague the service. This often result in many pupils not coming to school as their families cannot afford to pay the taxi fares from their areas of residence. Some parents come with their children to school in the morning and spend the day sitting in a classroom on cardboard on the floor or trying to get some sleep, waiting for their children to finish school to take them home again.

Shining in spite of it all

Keeping them close

Ready to show our best